DSC_0332Academy for Political Leaders in BiH is a one-year training program being implemented by our Institute since 2007. So far, a training program has been completed, in previous ten generations, by 199 young politicians from 30 different political parties from 46 cities and municipalities in BiH.

The program of the Academy aims to train young members of political parties (from 18 to 27 years of age) in the one-year program and in this way support a new generation of politicians who will work together to improve their communities and society as a whole.

The Academy program is divided into five modules:

  1. Media, advocacy and leadership
  2. Young people in diplomacy and European integration
  3. Human rights in BiH and conflict resolution
  4. Youth in BiH – Regional Youth Cooperation
  5. Presentation of seminar papers and diploma awarding


DSC_1261Each participant must also pass a selection test consisting of general culture questions, knowledge of the BiH political system and economic and political situation in the world. Also, it is necessary that each participant has a recommendation from the official party structures (the main party committee or the presidency of the youth structures within their political party). Signatories’ written recommendations are sent an opinion on the student and work evaluation after the completion of the Academy program.

Students from the Academy are expected to have the knowledge of English language needed to understand texts and lectures, to use the Internet (searching documents and information via the Internet) and to regularly use and check e-mail.

In order to successfully complete the Academy program and get a certificate, participants must: attend at least 85% of the lectures, actively participate in discussions during the module, perform their duties and primarily prepare seminar and practical work.

All participants are required to sign a contract with the Perpetuum Mobile Institute, which defines the rights and obligations. Participation for participation in the Academy amounts to 300 KM per participant and is paid before the beginning of the first module. The mentioned participation will be used to cover the cost of realization of parts of the program itself, and the mentioned segments refer to: promotion of the Academy, communication costs as well as procurement of materials, equipment and refreshments for the participants.

On 17 March 2011, the Perpetuum Mobile Institute signed a Protocol on Cooperation with the National Assembly of the Republic of Srpska for the implementation of the Academy’s modules and practical work. We have also established excellent cooperation with the Parliament of the Federation of BiH and the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH.