M.O.C.A.R.T. of Republika Srpska – Network of Youth Centers for Animation, Development and Training was registered and established in 2013, as a result of the Second Conference of Youth Work (KORA II) and as a result of years of work and research conducted by the Institute Perpetuum Mobile. The Network was founded by eleven youth centers, and the Institute Perpetuum Mobile was selected as a Secretariat ie. the executive body of the Network over the next three years.

M.O.C.A.R.T. of Republika Srpska is an umbrella organization which serves as a resource center for all youth centers in Republika Srpska.   

Program objectives of the Network are:

  • Promotion of non-formal education
  • Identification of the needs, attitudes, and aspirations of young individuals
  • Creating preconditions for the realization of identified needs
  • Developing partnerships between target groups and those who work with youth
  • Support the development and implementation of youth work strategies, Youth Policy of Republika Srpska, and local youth strategies
  • Developing and maintain the quality of youth work and youth centers
  • Promotion of youth work and youth initiatives
  • Promotion of youth centers as bearers of youth work
  • Promotion of youth work through networking with international subjects that work on similar issues in order to promote civil society
  • Promotion of the benefits of youth work
  • Promotion of European values and support for the European integration process