Ilija Trninić
Executive Director
Ilija is a consultant for socio-organizational development and political education. He has been working in the field of international cooperation and strengthening of civil society organizations. Ilija has been active in local, international governmental and non-governmental organizations since the 20th century. Until today, he has published sixteen titles (both as an author and co-author) about educational programs and research in the field of political parties, project management, and education of public officers, organizational development, and strategic planning. Ilija sincerely loves truth, freedom, and homeland. He is married to Bojana and has daughters Maša and Dušica.
Bojana Gavrić
Financial Manager
Bojana graduated from the Department of Tourism at the Faculty of Natural Sciences in Banja Luka. She is a Financial Manager in the sector for which there are no financial rules and laws which gives her a sense of surrealism and magic. The first day at Pereptuum she had grabbed bank accounts which stayed in her hands until today. She plays with numbers and is very proud when from a budget with three-four figures emerge priceless statistics and results. Bojana is happiest when little grey-green eyes wake her up in the morning.
Srđan Ostojić
Project Assistant
He has found himself in the NGO world suddenly. Although at first he thought that this sphere was for everybody except for him, he found to love his job. Otherwise, he likes Law and above all justice, guess that's why he wants to stay in NGO sector and use his work to help the entire society. He believes that his greatest advantage is his pretentiousness and responsibility, but it often means that he is stubborn – which is something he is not so proud of. Soon, he sincerely hopes, he will be a graduated lawyer and above all a happy family man who values the family most. He does not like dishonest people - who are, unfortunately, too many today. For him, Perpetuum Mobile has become an escape from the usual social yardsticks that stifle individual ambition and do not forgive success. In the future he wants to become recognized as a lawyer and human rights activist for dignity. His opinion is best defined by a graphite "There is nothing Danish in this rotten country."
Vida Kuruzović
A woman with experience, in everything and even accounting. A complete opposite of how you imagine accountants. She is as calm as a yoga instructor, and not a woman who deals with papers and numbers. Has a solution for every problem, and even those in the sphere of finance. She is a proud grandmother of Matej, Filip, and Katja. Her reaction to everyday changes in finance regulations, to which everyone in Perpetuum gets annoyed, describes her the best: „Just stay chill...“ We believe she possess the secret to life essence and that she practices it everyday because she never takes the smile off her face and there is no visitation she cannot deal with.