Almost four of five men around the world will become fathers at some point in their lives, and almost all men in the world have some relationship with children, as fathers, stepfathers, brothers, uncles, grandfathers, teachers, mentors, trainers, or simply as friends. Increasing number of evidence proves that engaged, responsible fatherhood, as well as man’s participation in life of children is very positive, not only for children, but also for women and men themselves.

tata06As persons we are formed by small pieces of wisdom, when we were younger and even later in life there is always that saying “As my father used to say…” Responsible and engaged fatherhood and involvement of a man in child’s life has a very positive influence on all segments of its future life. Moreover, it also plays a significant role in lives of women, and even men themselves. No matter how aware the society might be of the importance and value of father’s role and role of a man in general, their restricted participation in child care still represents the main obstacle in gender equality and women’s empowerment.

MenCare is a global campaign for promotion and inclusion of men as equal, responsible, and non violent fathers and guardians. Currently, MenCare realizes active campaigns in more than 25 countries on five continents. Our campaign in the Balkans is primarily focused on promoting positive examples of fatherhood and care taking in child’s everyday life.

In order to empower fathers in the Balkans to become “Super DADs” and to ensure that their child thanks them with words “I am so lucky you are my dad!!!” since May 15, 2015 Institute Perpetuum Mobile has started the campaign that will be visible in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The wider audience will be able to see billboard posts with messages, watch video messages, see creative activities with young fathers, which is all organized by activists of “Be a Man” Club Banja Luka!

The campaign is carried out within the project “Young Men as Allies in the Prevention of Violence and Conflict in the Western Balkans”. The primary target group during the campaign initiation will involve fathers, step fathers, and future fathers. Afterwards, the campaign will be focused on all guardians, adult role models like grandfathers, trainers, teachers, and other family members. Through the campaign we strive to demonstrate how important it is to dedicate time for children, because that time cannot be brought back.

Super DAD, do not worry what others have to say; what is important is what you child says. Enjoy, relax, play with your child, sing, and be a good role model, and dedicate time to be a good dad!

Do not forget that “One father is worth a thousand teachers!”