Coalition ‘POD LUPOM’

Our organization is one of the founders of the Coalition “POD LUPOM” for free and fair elections. The Coalition is formed by six non-governmental organizations from different parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina:

  • Centers for Civic Initiatives (CCI)
  • Association of Citizens ‘Democracy-Organizing-Progress’ Prijedor (DON Prijedor)
  • Perpetuum Mobile – Institute for Youth and Community Development Banja Luka
  • Center for Civic Cooperation Livno  (CGS Livno)
  • Social Innovation Incubator, ”Munja” Sarajevo  (Munja Incubator)
  • FTC (FGT Tuzla)

The main activity of the Coalition is election observation. So far we observed the 2014 General Elections, the 2016 Local Elections, early local elections in eight municipalities, first elections in the newly formed municipality Stanari and repeated elections in the municipality Stolac. More than 5.500 observers were engaged in all of the elections.

Pod lupomBesides the election observation, the Coalition also conducts studies and prepares international comparative analyses. The Coalition is advocating the improvement of electoral process in all of its segment by monitoring sessions of the BiH Central Election Commission, organizing roundtable discussions and conferences that bring together representatives of legislature, election administration, international and academic community, media, and civil society. Besides the aforementioned activities, the Coalition also educates young first-time voters during the election year aimed at motivating and encouraging them to actively participate in the electoral process. The Coalition’s activities are supported by foreign donors that have been working on improving and democratizing electoral process in BiH for a very long time. Current donors are the European Union and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID).