Political Leadership Building at the Beginning of XXI Century (2017)

“Political Leadership Building at the Beginning of XXI Century” is the work of author Ilija Trninic who deals with important aspects of leadership in political engagement and the modalities of building and educating future political leaders with the emphasis on the importance of political education as a form of informal education. In addition to the edition in the Serbian language, an English edition was printed as a reflection of the need to present the modality of building political leadership to the general public.

Download: Political Leadership Building at the Beginning of XXI Century

Program Y (2016)

We have contributed, as part of the development team of Care International Balkans and its partners from the countries of the Western Balkans, to the development of the manual “Program Y (Youth)”, which is a manual for training of educators and youth workers in order to promote gender equality and a healthy lifestyle among young men and women. The manual deals with some of the most important social constructions of masculinity and femininity, as a strategy for building important life skills among young men and women in the period of their transition to early maturity.

Download: Program Y

Social Media and Arts Case Study (2015)

CARE International and partners from Croatia, Serbia, Kosovo and Bosnia & Herzegovina (including Perpetuum Mobile organization) present 4 case studies of how social media and the arts were utilized to support gender transformation with the young men initiative. This case study shows different mediums and approaches one can consider in engaging with youth on gender equality issues.


Download: Social Media and Arts Case Study

Findings and Lessons Learned During the Seven-year Project Youth Initiative Organized by CARE International Balkan (2014)

In the past seven years, a coalition of local, regional and international organizations has promoted positive male identities under the project of “Young Men Initiative” (YMI). Coordinated by CARE International Balkans, implemented by partner institutions in four countries (of which Perpetuum is a mobile partner in Banja Luka), the Young Men Initiative is striving to promote a lifestyle that gives priority to good health, non-violence and gender equality. This report provides an overview of the reasons, designs and results of the evaluation of the program in secondary vocational schools.

Download: Findings and Lessons Learned During the Seven-year Project Youth Initiative

Understanding Young men and Masculinities in the Balkans (2014)

About the Young Men Initiative: From 2007 to present, the Western Balkan Gender-Based Violence prevention program – Young Men Initiative (YMI) – has been working to build more gender equitable attitudes and behaviors among young men and decrease both violence by young men (against young women) and peer violence (violence by young men against other young men) in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Kosovo* and Albania. As part of this program, we are part of this case study “Understanding of the Youth and Masculinity in the Balkans” developed by CARE International and its partners from the countries of the Western Balkans.

Download: Understanding Young Men and Masculinities in the Balkans

Policy Analysis in BiH (2012)

javne politikePolicy analysis BiH represented the continuation of the research “Men and gender relations in BiH” from 2012. conducted through a cooperation between Perpetuum Mobile Institute and CARE International. Basic purpose of this analysis is to determine in what measure and how do different policy determine the gender identity and roles, socialization and behavior of men, especially on questions of hegemonic attitudes and behaviors.

Download: Analysis of Public Policies in BiH

Men and Gender Relations (2012)

muskarci i rodni odnosiThis research monograph questions various aspects of men’s lives, but from the perspective of both – men and women. The aim was to contribute towards the understanding of socialization of men in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Research reflects of key topics of gender equality that include relationships between partners, dynamics of family relationships and critical health and social aspects at men.


Download: Analysis of Public Policies in BiH

M Manual (2011)

The M Manual is a tool that developed out of the Young Men Initiative; a program by CARE International NW Balkans and its collaborative partners (of which Perpetuum Mobile is one of the partners) focused on addressing gender inequalities, harmful health practices and violence in everyday life with young men in schools and the community. M Manual is a training manual that aims to promote gender equality and promote healthy lifestyles with young men by addressing some of the social constructions of masculinity (ies) as a strategy for building important life skills in young men as they emerge into young adulthood.

Download: M Manual

The Position and Problems of Young Roma (2009)

polozaj i problemi mladih romaDue to lack of adequate data about the position and perspective of young Roma, we decided to conduct a research which aimed to find out about the challenges and problems young Roma face in the region and what is their social status. We came to many answers, about their free time, dominant issues, education… Download our research and find out about their world.

Download: Position and Problems of Young Roma