Through our programs and training we strive to involve as many young politicians as possible. Moreover, we want to ensure that same individuals attend various training opportunities in order to create better collaboration between young politicians. One of our main aims is to create an informal network of young politicians from different political parties who will become decision makers and as such will spread new, more tolerant ideas with a focus on cooperation for progress of their communities and our society as a whole.

Strategic game “Coalition formation in a multi-ethnic state”

This strategic game simulates negotiations about coalition formation in a fictional and multi-ethnic state. Participants play roles of different political representatives who are negotiating and creating a strong coalition after the elections. The goal of this simulation is to sign a coalition agreement and form a government that is represented by the prime minister.

Perpetuum Mobile has a trained and certified team for the implementation of this kind of education. The simulation is designed for young politicians, students and others who wish to get familiarized with the process of negotiations.

Summer and Winter Leadership Schools

Our aim is to constantly provide young politicians with new and exciting learning opportunities which are needed for political engagement. The frequent topics of leadership schools are about leadership, media presentation, advocacy and elections. Since 2006 there have been 16 winter and summer schools that gathered more than 650 young politicians from different political parties.

Speakers and facilitators during leadership schools are eminent experts in the spheres of human rights, history, entrepreneurship, public relations, civil society and other relevant areas.

Youth and Diplomacy

Through our long-term engagement on strengthening youth capacity for active participation in public-political life, promotion of youth in decision making processes, and support of youth who have been elected for leadership positions demonstrated a need for organizing conferences about theoretical and practical diplomacy skills as a an extremely delicate public tool for public action. So far we have successfully organized four conferences, and are planning to organize more in the future.